Stadiums, the new geopolitic arenas

Author and translator : Uriel N’gbatongo Langue originale : Français Lire la version française « Malraux was wrong. The XXIst century will not be religious : it will be athletic ». Here is the statement made by Pascal Boniface in his book Geopolitique du Sport. Indeed, the 21st century brought the sport culture to its peak thanks toLire la suite « Stadiums, the new geopolitic arenas »

Do military exercises ought to be considered as security concerns?

Author : Donatien Bertaud  Translator : Uriel N’gbatongo Lire la version française At the beginning of the month from the 10th of September to the 17th of September, The Russian federation organized its largest military exercise since 1981. This event was largely covered in international media for two mains reasons. First, its size according to officialLire la suite « Do military exercises ought to be considered as security concerns? »

Russia surprise in the wake of the elections?

Lire la version française Author: Donatien Bertaud. Translated by: Uriel N’Gbatongo « Democracy is the worst form of government except for all the others » said Churchill. This is what Vladimir Putin understood for his march toward an absolute domination of the Russian political panorama. Winning elections is a good thing. But winning elections without any risk of losingLire la suite « Russia surprise in the wake of the elections? »

Going back on net neutrality

Lire la version française Author : Uriel N’GBATONGO. Translated by : Donatien BERTAUD. Internet, this interconnected space of territories and men, has been growing relentlessly since its creation. Gathering presently more than 3,7 billion daily netizens, the internet network is each day evolving shaped by the will of its users. But beyond being a powerful technologic and encyclopedicLire la suite « Going back on net neutrality »

The opening-up of Central Asia in progress

Lire la version française Author : Donatien BERTAUD. Translated by : Uriel N’GBATONGO. At the end of 2017, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, the successor of Karimov at the presidency of Uzbekistan, manifested his will to reconnect with the other states of Central Asia. Nevertheless, the integration of the latter within a union is still a distant objective.Lire la suite « The opening-up of Central Asia in progress »