Legislative elections, Italy divided in two

Author : Candice LABIDI.

4th march, Italian have elected their deputies and senators.  This election was marked by the winning of the anti-system party as well of the left wing as the right wing. Retrospective on this election that have shaken up the country

Why this result?

 In Italy, the last few months showed the rise of the extreme. Antonio Moreno, teacher at the university of Navarre, analyses: “First of all, it is the corruption. Italians are sick of it. Many politicians are being accused of it, the power in place is being accused right now. That is why many people in Italy have turned themselves towards other parties, more populist. Another important point is the migrants”. Italian people can not stand two things anymore: corruption and migrants. They voted for the parties that promised to take actions against them. It is precisely what we can find in the program of the Northern League, extreme right wing, or the Five Star Movement, populist and Eurosceptic movement. Yet in 2017, the number of migrants decreased but politicians did not hesitate to use the fear of the migrants in their campaign to gather the more vote.

Italie 1

Other seducing points of these programs: the eradication of corruption. But is Italy ruled by corruption? Unfortunately, yes. It crosses all the stage of society: among the politicians or in the companies like for instance Eni, Italian oil company, and Shell that are currently on trial in Milan to pay backhanders to get an offshore contract in Nigeria.

Results of the election: Winning of Eurosceptic and anti-systems

The results bring confusion because of the lack of majority which will lead to difficulties to take decision. In 2016, Matteo Renzi, former general secretary of the Democratic Party, wanted a constitutional reform to deeply change the Italian democracy with a new constitution and a new voting method. The goal was to have understandable electoral results, to obtain clear majorities and to end the Italian bicameralism. But Italian people rejected this reform and Matteo Renzi quit his position as a President of the Council.

The results of this election reflect a division within the country. The Centre-Right coalition (The League, Forza Italia, Fratelli d’Italia and Noi con l’Italia) ruled by Matteo Salvini, collected 37% of the vote. The League is an extreme right-wing party. The Five Star Movement, run by Luigi Di Maio, gathered one third of the seats with 32% of the votes and became the first political party of Italy. Finally, the left coalition, managed by Matteo Renzi win 22% of the votes. Thus, the county has no parliamentary majority which predict a complicated situation.


Blue: Centre Right coalition

Yellow: Five Star Movement

Red: Centre Left coalition

This map clearly shows the division between the South and the North like usually. On one hand, an industrialized North strongly attracted to the Centre Right coalition with a protectionist mindset. On the other hand, a South who wants more transparency, the end of corruption and the citizen income. It will enable many families to have a direct revenue of 780€ every month. However, in Italy in general, the results translate a reject of the European Union with the League, anti-EU party, and the arrival of the Five Start Movement who is willing to take anti migrants measure. Italians people think they have been let down by the EU and wants to find solutions.

Consequences of this result

The Five Star Movement, big winner of this election, said to be open to discussion with other parties. Nevertheless, Luigi Di Maio, is in a tricky situation: an alliance would mean the be the leader of the Assembly but it would cost him a loss of credibility. For now, we can not tell what the composition of the Chamber of Deputies will be and the Senat. We can only say that the President Sergio Mattarella have a lot of work ahead…

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